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Church opening hours in Verona

Verona church opening hours

The church of San Fermo Maggiore

The church of San Fermo Maggiore

Here are the opening hours of some of Verona’s churches for tourist visits, to the best of my knowledge- but do check as they can be altered!

Duomo: Mon- Sat 10-17.30, Sun 13.30-17.30.

Sant’Anastasia: Mon-Sat 9-18, Sun 13-18.

San Zeno: Mon-Sat 8.30-18, Sun 12.30-18.

San Giorgio in Braida: Mon-Sat 7.30-11 and 17-19, Sun closed.

Santa Maria in Organo: Mon-Sat 8-12, Sun unsure, probably 14-18.

San Fermo di Maggiore : Mar-Oct- Probably 10-17 Mon-Sat and 13-17 Sun. Nov-Feb, probably Tue-Sat 10-13 and 13.30-16, Sun 13-17, closed Mon. My Rough Guide said it closed at 18 in the summer, but actually it closed at 17 the day I was there. Luckily I’d arrived just after 16.